Berthold’s “Best of the Decade” Awards

Best Food: Pizza. Once again, these cheese and tomato sauce miracles captured the title.

Best Halloween: 2017. Because it was the first time I did this:

pumpkin 2017

Best Buffalo Bills victory: the Bengals beating the Ravens.

Best Football Team That Doesn’t Seem To Constantly Cheat: the Seattle Seahawks

Best Maxwell’s Maximum:

Best Political Story: “House Stenographer Seizes Microphone In Bizarre Rant”–this would make a great opening scene for a thriller novel. It was so surreal.

Best Batman: Will Arnett

Best New Toy: Space Explorer Remote Control Helicopter.

Best Computer: My MacBook Air. It survived a major scare with water, so extra points for toughness.

Best Movie: Jane Got a Gun. My in-depth take on it here.

Best Book: There were many–see list here.

Best Video Game: Fallout: New Vegas. This was a tough call. The Outer Worlds, Spec Ops: The Line and Mass Effect: Andromeda all made strong cases, but in the end I had to go with the epic post-apocalyptic wasteland that I put nearly 200 hours into. Don’t forget to get the DLC.

Best Awards Show Besides This One: 2017 Academy Awards

Best Tree: The Big One Near the Middle.Tree.jpg

Best Sky:

september sky


Best Gilbert and Sullivan Production: The Stanford Savoyards’ 2012 Ruddigore.

Best Wildlife Moment: 

Best TV series: Angie Tribeca. Tragically, ended after four seasons. But we’ll always have detective Hoffman.


Best New Album: Stripped Down, by Jo’Rinda Johnsen

Best Video Game Analysis Series: Ross’s Game Dungeon

Best Presidential Candidate for Gilbert and Sullivan Lovers: Russ Sype

Best Presidential Candidate for Literary Fiction Lovers: Mark Paxson (Technically, Mark’s campaign is for 2020, but he declared in 2019, so I’m counting it. If that’s wrong… then Mark will just have to pardon me when he wins.)

Best 52 Short Stories in 52 weeks Challenge Winner: Phillip McCollum

Best Eastern Canadian Blogger: Lydia Schoch

Best Western Canadian Blogger: Audrey Driscoll

Best Western Canadian Napoleonic Historian: Shannon Selin

Best Byzantine Historian: Eileen Stephenson 

Best At Overcoming Technical Difficulties: R.J. Llewellyn 

Best Review of Anything Star Wars-related: Joy V. Spicer’s review of Kenobi

Best Author of a Book About the Dark Side of Academia: Geoffrey Cooper for Nondisclosure

Best Epic Science Fiction Author: Lorinda J. Taylor for The Man Who Found Birds Among the Stars

Best Book Vlogger: Book Club Mom

Best Army Black Knights Fan: Barb Harvey-Knowles 


Best Author of a Novel about a Virtual World, United States: Ben Trube

Best Author of a Novel about a Virtual World, Australia: A.C. Flory

Best Mass Effect fan: Isabella Norse

Best KotOR II fan: S

Best W.S. Gilbert historian: Andrew Crowther

Best W.S. Gilbert quoter: Charlee

Best Short Story That You Can Read For Free Right Now: Snowlight by Noah Goats

Best Visual Artist: Katie Dawn. She does lots of great work, but this is one of my favorites:

Best Wisconsin Blogger and Raging Agnostic Snowflake Vegetarian Who Never Learned To Whistle: Thingy

Best Golfer, Historian, Author, Literary Critic, Book Blogger Friend: Pat Prescott

Best Social Commentator, Writing Blogger, Thriller Author, and Ally An Indie Writer Could Ever Have: Carrie Rubin

Best Blog Reader: You!

Berthold Thanks You 2


  1. Thanks for remembering Russ Sype, he’s gone dark a bit lately, but a really great guy. Also thanks for your reviews of my books and letting me preview some of yours. This has turned into a wonderful friendship.

  2. Absolutely love your pick for best Bills win. That’s a classic.

    Thank you for including me in your list of best books. I’m always humbled by this. And thank you for calling out the campaign. It’s time for me to talk to Katie and get that moving, don’t you think? I hope you’re getting your Space Commander uniform design set. Katie can probably help you with that.

    And in the spirit of your awards, I nominate you for Best Supporter of Indie Authors. I don’t think there’s any competition.

    1. Hmmm…. yes, you’re right; I will be needing a uniform. Glad you reminded me.

      And thank you very much for the nomination. I’m honored.

  3. This is so cool of you! What a great list of names, and for those I know, I couldn’t agree more. The rest I’ll have to check out.

    Thank you so much for the mention of both me and my sister. Seeing her music listed here made my day and warmed my heart. I’ll share it on Facebook so she’ll see it. She’ll be thrilled!

    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Omg I am so honored to be included in your “best of the decade” list. Thank you very much, Berthold! I agree with you that pizza is the best food. And I like your best tree award. It’s the leader of that pack. I also love the best wildlife video – I swear the craziest things go on out there at night. I’m pretty sure gangs of deer walk through our streets in the dead of night. Anyway, thank you again. I’m off to check out your best books. Happy New Year!

  5. This was so great! I was already LMAO at Best ESXIII: ESXIII and other things. Then I saw the painting. I looked through my YT stats yesterday after I posted a video and was wondering who found that one to watch. 8)

  6. And I nominate you, Berthold, for Best Review of my Man Who Found Birds series! And thanks for mentioning it twice and making it your choice for best Sci Fi! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks very much, Lorinda! By the way, I’m about halfway through Part 2, and loving it just as much as Part 1. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a review in the next few weeks. Happy New Year!

      1. That’s great! I never expect people to like the additional volumes as much as the first. The Hearings make for quite a lot of repetition, but I needed those hearings, because we’re not done with Adm. Teeter by a long shot!

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