For as much as I write critiques of fiction on here, I figured I had to try my hand at writing a book myself.  The first was a short collection of cosmic horror tales and you can get it on Kindle here, if you are interested.

My follow-up is a thriller/science-fiction novella with some weird fiction elements. You can read an excerpt here or listen to it here.

Click to get more information or to buy.


  1. It was awesome! Your book has all the elements I love. Page-turner, great descriptions, sympathetic characters and nemesis (what’s the plural of nemesis?). The atmosphere with the hint of the supernatural…I don’t want to say anything more and give too much away. I’m SO glad that I read The Start of the Majestic World.

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    1. By the way, if you enjoyed my book, you might also want to check out the book “The King in Yellow”, by Robert W. Chambers. One of the stories, “The Repairer of Reputations” probably influenced me more than any other story I’ve ever read. Very weird and unique atmosphere.

      Also, it’s in the public domain (written in the 1890s) so it’s available for free.

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