The blog of author Berthold Gambrel. I cover all sorts of topics, from writing to politics to history to entertainment. I sometimes post excerpts from my books or other miscellaneous fiction and poetry. There’s bound to be something of interest to everyone.  Enjoy, and please comment!

The blog’s title comes from the setting of Act II of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta The Pirates of Penzance.


    1. I used to blog under the name “Mysterious Man from the Shadows”, which I think used to comment on your site in the past. Stumbled across your blog about six years ago while searching for the song it is named after, and was delighted to find another G&S fan who also liked politics. Have been a reader ever since.

      Also, Patrick Prescott is one of my most consistent readers, both of blog posts and books. If I remember correctly, he found my old Blogger blog through a comment on your site.


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