My take on Obama releasing his long-form birth certificate

What was he thinking of? What were his advisors thinking of? In my opinion, this makes it look like he caved in to the endless demands of conspiracy theorists. It just sends the wrong message. It seems to me to say: “demand something for long enough, and no matter how stupid it is, eventually I’ll do it.”

But, then again, I have friends who disagree and think it was a brilliant move on the President’s part.

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  1. There are too many people who follow every word the Donald says, so, I can understand why the decision was made. I commend Obama for waiting this long, but as we have seen in the news, it doesn't stop the loons from their desperate attempt to find something, anything, to pin on the President, and it is because of the color of his skin. No one will convince me otherwise.Trump is an arrogant, egotistical blowhard. I'm sure he couldn't have cared less about Obama's place of birth. He just needed to be in the news.If it helps, I don't think Obama wanted to go the route he took, but, he certainly caved in to someone.

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