I’ve always felt voice-actors deserve more credit.

Jen Bosier wonders about movie actors vs. voice-actors playing roles in video games. It’s a good article, but I take issue with one thing:

“Voice work is, undeniably, shorter, easier work than shooting a live-action movie (hours in a sound booth as opposed to months on location), and as major talent your only job is to show up and be, well, you. Take for instance, Mass Effect 2 and Martin Sheen. Truly, I can think of few better actors for such a role.”

 I can think of one who backs up Bosier’s larger point quite well. Fred Tatasciore plays the very similar role of Henry Leland in Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol, and in my opinion he does a spectacular job. Nothing against Martin Sheen, but I’ve always felt his performance is dry and dull compared with Tatasciore’s oddly likeable corporate villain.

Still, it’s an interesting read.

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