Because @carrie_rubin dared me to…

When I was a kid and would sing stuff at random (as kids do), my Dad would sometimes ask, “What did you do with that money I gave you?”

Me: “What money?”

Dad: “The money for singing lessons.”

And now you know why I’m a writer and not a singer. Happy Holidays to all of you!


  1. Ha, this is awesome. You just made my day. You’re far braver than me. And what a nice baritone you have. Music teachers probably liked getting their hands on you.

    Thanks for making me smile. Loved it. 😄

      1. It definitely made me laugh–in a good way. You’re a good sport. If I did it on my blog, I’d whisper it like the quiet woman in Pitch Perfect so no one would hear me.

    1. This was actually my fourth take. One was too soft, one was totally ruined by the wind, and the other I tried doing a Tom Waits imitation, but decided it would just be cruel to inflict that on the world.

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