Mysterious Man Writes Another Book–available now!

As promised, my new novella is available now.  Click the image below to get it:

Here’s the description from the Amazon page:

“Agents Maynard and Brett are no strangers to complex mysteries and morally grey assignments. When they are sent in pursuit of a mysterious rabble-rousing radio personality, however, they stumble upon a web of conspiracy and betrayal beyond anything they could have imagined. As events lead them from the brooding hills of Appalachia to the remotest wastes of Siberia to the deserts of the American southwest, they discover unlikely allies and twisted madmen, scientists bent on playing God, and mounting evidence hinting at sinister machinations that threaten the entire nation. With each thrilling episode, the ever-escalating power and scope of the danger they face forces them to call upon all their skills and experience to survive.”


  1. Well, I hate you. LOL. No, I don’t. Just very green with envy.I’m so happy for you. Love it. I’m working on mine!

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