NFL haiku

It’s that time of the year again! My predictions were uneven last year–I was totally right about Atlanta and Arizona, but was woefully wrong about Chicago and Denver.


They are becoming

Just what the Colts used to be.

Will choke yet again.


Larry Fitzgerald

Should be traded for linemen.

Would be a win/win.


The defending champs

Will not make the postseason.

Third in division.


Rebuilding again.

Manuel looks like poor man’s

Kind of Tim Tebow.


The Anti-Niners:

Demonstrating the option

Won’t work in the pros.


Will Cutler breakthrough?

Can there really be offense

In Windy City?


Will get past Houston;

And in all the excitement

Will get to New York.


They seem to have been

Re-rebuilding ever since



Changes make them good.

Win their division, first round

And lose in Green Bay.


Their last playoff loss

Looked just like Manning’s Colts teams.

Will regress this year.


Arizona East:

One Hall of Fame receiver,

And just nothing else.

Green Bay

Need to have balance;

But having the best QB

Makes up for a lot.


It’s make or break time.

Schaub should declare he’s “elite”;

It seems to work well.


Well, now, that was quick.

They’re right back where they belong:

Can they win big one?


They’re gonna be bad.

Like, really, really awful.

As in, not too good.

Kansas City

Might surprise people.

But not nearly enough to

Surpass the Broncos.


Are getting better,

But they are a year away

From winning the East.


This will be the year

Peterson will disappoint.

Can Ponder step up?

New England

In spite of it all

They will still field a good team.

Also, Tim Tebow.

New Orleans

More insane offense,

But will the defense improve

Or still let them down?

 New York Jets

You heard it here first:

They will somehow make playoffs

And save Rex’s job.

New York Giants

Can take one more year

Before they shape up and win.

Third Championship.


They are still lost in

A giant black hole in West.

Where will they finish?


Kelly’s new offense

Will be a flop in this league.

Won’t win more than five.


Will compete again,

With infusion of talent.

And sweep Baltimore.

San Diego

This will be last year

Rivers plays for them, and then

They’ll draft new QB.

San Francisco

They look amazing.

They will live up to their hype

And will win it all.


Won’t live up to hype,

Sophomore slump for Wilson

And get passed by Rams.

St. Louis

Will take second place

In the division, but the

Offense will struggle.

Tampa Bay

Revis Island moved,

And that alone gives them hope.

Can’t beat Atlanta.


They will crash and burn;

And have to start rebuilding.

Enjoy Fitzpatrick.


If Griffin’s healthy

They could be great, but if not

They won’t fall apart.


  1. I think it will be the Broncos year to win it all. Cowboys won’t make playoffs. And as a longtime ‘Boys fan (since 1963) that’s a hard thing to say, but Romo is past his prime.

    1. I’ve never liked the Cowboys, but I’ve always liked Romo for some reason. I agree he’s past his prime, but I think he also has more talented players (and coaches) around him than he used to. Kind of the position Elway was in at the end of his career.

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