Lo! Beck hath rear’d himself a throne!

How many times do I have to say it, people? Glenn Beck is John Henry Eden from Fallout 3This new Oval Office set of his is merely the latest piece of evidence.

Seriously, I’ll be interested to hear Beck’s attempt at a “Reagan-esque” speech. Goodness knows I’m not the biggest Reagan fan there is, but at least he had some degree of dignity. I expect that these Beckian addresses will feature a good deal more crying than most Presidential addresses, and also perhaps begin not with patriotic music, but an ad for Goldline. 


  1. Yes, and can I please just add this: SOUR GRAPES. He’s so upset that Obama is President, he had to build his own Oval Office! Earth to Glenn: It will never happen. (At least I hope not!)


      1. Thanks much! It’s a good place for me to vent.

        I agree that President Beck would be the stuff of absurd nightmares. The only option left would be hysterical laughter…


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