Build your own Mysterious Man From The Shadows blog post!

[In the event that the Mysterious Man himself is unable to perform his duties because he is away or playing video games, the reader may find it useful to have a set of instructions on how to provide their own Mysterious Man posts in the interim. Here, therefore, are the instructions for producing same.]

  1. Find an article about the latest political news.
  2. Take a quote from the article that summarizes it.
  3. Make a humorous, vaguely relevant reference to a Gilbert & Sullivan opera or famous video game.
  4. State your opinion of the quote.
  5. Link to some other post where you said the same thing.
  6. Quote some dead philosopher.
  7. State your opinion again; ideally in different words.

Congratulations! You have now got your very own Mysterious Man post! (Mysterious Man Prime is not liable for damages incurred while using the Mysterious Man From The Shadows post generator.)

Advanced users may wish to add more sophisticated touches, such as an epigraph from an H.P. Lovecraft story, or a few parodic lines of poetry that restate your opinion again. These tools are available now, for the low, low price of $999.99! And if you call now, we’ll throw in a free awful pun!


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