I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Conservative writer Cal Thomas, lamenting the evil Liberal media’s vicious interrogation of innocent Republicans, proposes a solution:

“Instead of complaining, which changes nothing, Republicans should run the equivalent of a Tebow option play. They should refuse to participate in any more dog-and-pony shows designed to trip them up. Instead, they should create their own panels with an ideological mix of interrogators.

Invite a couple of ‘wild card’ conservative partisans like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity to add to the journalistic mix. If the ‘Miss America’ contest could invite Limbaugh as a judge in 2010, why can’t the Republican presidential candidates invite him, or Hannity, to judge and question them?”

Absolutely! Because if you are qualified to judge the Miss America pageant, you are totally qualified to ask questions of the Republican candidates for President. I couldn’t agree more.

The funniest thing about politics isn’t when people lie; it’s when they say things that are more true than they know.

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