Nationalism in Space

It strikes me as ironic that at the end of a week in which David Brooks was denounced by Conservatives for a column he wrote, the Conservatives also have been unwittingly arguing for one of Brooks’ old ideas: “National Greatness Conservatism“. There’s quite a bit of chatter on Breitbart sites and the like about how the end of the space shuttle program is another symptom of Obama not believing in “American exceptionalism”. Even the guy filling in for Glenn Beck yesterday was talking about it.*

If you ask me, this is where the Nationalistic part of the Party really shows up. They don’t really hate government, they only want a government that aggrandizes American superiority. They will never want to cut Space spending, and they sure as hell will never cut the closely-related Military spending.

Personally, I think both are of tremendous importance, but the Space shuttle program needed to be ended. Human beings have a difficult time in space, and I personally believe that the near to mid-future of space exploration lies, as it should, with remotely controlled machines, like the Mars rovers etc.

*I’d like to provide you with a link to a transcript of this show or something, but I’m dashed if I can find it. It seems to be impossible to get at anything on the Glenn Beck site without taking a loyalty vow to the Esoteric Order of Glenn Beck.

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