To honor our Hiſtory:

It ſeems the Preſident called on Congreſs to curtail their July 4th receſs Harry Reid agreed to this, ſaying “the Senate will reconvene on Tueſday the day after the fourth”.

It is my opinion that both the Preſident and Congreſsperſons ſhould have to work through the fourth of July. However, in honor of the holiday, they ſhould be required to do ſomething ſpecial.

You know how athletic teams ſometimes wear “throwback” uniforms? That is juſt what our politicians ought to do on July 4th. They ſhould be required to wear wigs and tri-corner hats and all of that on July 4th.

By the way, I remember the U.S. Army ſuggeſted they would adopt “throwbacks” for their April Fools’ day joke this year. I was trying to think of ſomething ſimilar to do on this blog…

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