It’s always the ones you least suspect.

According to a new study, playing football [This means “soccer” here] video games makes people more violent than playing shooting video games.

I don’t know about soccer, but I will say that by far the most angered I have ever been with a video game was when playing an (American-style) football game. I think it’s mostly the time issue. If you can’t get past something in Quake, you can always save and come back. With a sports game, it’s possible to play for a while, go right down to the very end thinking you’ll win, and then lose at the last second because of the AI cheating bad luck.


  1. I don't watch 'football' but, wasn't there a time when the fans were very violent? Soooo, my guess is that they are already of the violent nature, those who choose to play the game.Or, maybe not.

  2. Case in point: Real Madrid beats Sevilla 6-2 and the angry locals throw stones at the bus as it leaves town.Stay tuned….Oh, wait, this isn't my blog. : )

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