The best use of the "left/right" dichotomy in politics…

No sooner do I post this than the New York Times comes out with a big article on left-handedness. I’d never realized the extent to which lefties were discriminated against in the past.

Still, of late, they seem to have overcome their past mistreatment. As the article points out, four of the last seven Presidents are left-handed. And according to Wikipedia (who would have thought there would be a whole article on the subject?) six out of the last 12 Presidents were left-handed.

Well, as I blogged about two weeks ago, a poll asking who was the greatest President just came out recently, and I couldn’t help seeing that four left-handers are in the top ten. Admittedly, this is probably explained by the fact that the poll was heavily biased in favor of recent Presidents, and the left-handed President trend is a new one, but still, I have to fight the urge to say: “I, for one, welcome our new southpaw overlords.”

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