There will be typos.

I try to write well. No doubt I fail a good deal of the time, as I’m sure anyone who searches this blog will be able to prove, but I do try.

I used to think that things like spelling and grammar were measures of intelligence, but now I don’t believe that is necessarily true. There are intelligent people whom I could easily see writing sentences kind of like this: “i could of don with more newance in the caracterization of the protaganist.”  (Note: this is a made-up example. I’ve never actually seen this particular sentence.)

These kinds of sentences I find fascinating, because they show that there are people who are thinking intelligent thoughts, but who are not capable of translating them into words in the agreed upon way.

In some sense, this is not that big a problem. After all, thinking hard thoughts is the tough part. Writing them down is something you can learn easily enough if you want. And to some extent, I suppose, there is a trade-off involved. If you want to spend time thinking deeply about important issues, you probably will have to spend less time learning what order the symbols go in to write them down.

And yet… well, I worry sometimes about the extent to which writing skills seem to have degraded these days.

P.S. I know that somewhere in this post, I have made at least one grammatical or orthographic/typographic error, perhaps even in this postscript. I can’t find it, but I know it’s there. I know this because anytime you write something bemoaning poor writing, you are guaranteed to have such an error. So, I know that I have it coming. I can accept that.


  1. I'm terrible when it comes to the structure of a sentence, but if people are truly annoyed by the wording rather than the meaning, well, the heck with them. I really don't see spelling mistakes anymore, due to spellcheck, butt, inkerect spelling anoise me.

  2. Well, while it's true that thinking profound thoughts is the more difficult and more worthwhile aspect of writing, if you don't put it in the agreed-upon way, then the mechanics of the writing distract the reader from the profundity of the thoughts. By the way, I read through the post twice. I saw a few things I would have said differently, but I honestly didn't see any mechanical errors.

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