What’s wrong with jumping the shark?

Via The Daily Dish, I see that Fred Fox Jr., the guy who wrote the infamous “Happy Days” episode in which Fonzie jumped the shark, has penned a defense of that episode, claiming it did not signalize a decline in the quality of the series. Thus, the phrase it spawned is not really appropriate.

Hopefully, this article will result in a decline in the popularity of the phrase, so that it will no longer have the same resonance. In other words…

The phrase “jump the shark” will itself jump the shark. This will result in an irresolvable paradox that will cause the fabric of the space-time continuum to unravel.

At least, that’s what will happen based on my understanding of physics, which comes primarily from watching “Doctor Who“. That reminds me; that was a really good show until Tom Baker left. That’s when it really ju–

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