Madden 11 is propagating the cult of Obama…

…according to Big Hollywood, anyway:

“President Obama, who not only convinced a majority of adults to vote for him over Senator John McCain in 2008, but also used that same campaign season to appeal to children and younger voters by having his name advertised in video games. Since then, he has crafted presidential speeches aimed at America’s youngest generations (as when he gave a special speech to elementary school students which was broadcast throughout the public school system in the fall of 2009), and will be appearing in the soon-to-be-released Madden NFL 11. 

That’s right: Obama’s image will be tucked into the scenes of one of the most popular video games available… If they [children] go to school, he is there in a speech. If they watch television, he is there striking an austere pose. And if they play a video game, his brand awaits them, and his face is there too (minus the cigarettes of course).”

Here’s the clip:

 I don’t know about this. If Obama is really indoctrinating our impressionable youth, why is he always knocking video games in his speeches?

Furthermore, (and I can see that many non-Madden players would not know about this.) I think this is just part of EA’s ongoing attempt to make the Franchise mode feel more realistic, rather than a devious plot to manipulate our innocent children’s minds.

That said, if you DO think it’s a plot, you should check this out:

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