Book Review: “The Cowboy Sorcerer” by Zachary Shatzer

What can I say about Shatzer’s works that I haven’t said already? Well, at a minimum, he’s prolific. This is the fifth book of his that I’ve reviewed this year, and it contains all the elements I’ve come to enjoy in his work: zany magical mishaps, oddball characters, and usually at least one book-within-a-book.

Actually, The Cowboy Sorcerer itself started out as a book-within-a-book. The title is referenced in Shatzer’s Sorcerers Wanted. In my review of that volume, I desperately wished that it was a real book, and now ta-da! It is. Sometimes wishes do come true. Noah Goats said that books lead on to books, and that certainly is the case with Shatzer’s rapidly-expanding oeuvre.

The Cowboy Sorcerer is in some ways an echo of some of Shatzer’s other great characters. There’s more than a little of Ebbius from The Beach Wizard in the stoic sorcerer who arrives in the town of Destiny’s Crack, searching for a vampire. The way Shatzer riffs on these concepts in different ways throughout his books is one of the pleasures of reading his work. He’s like Wodehouse in that respect; similar situations and characters recur, but we never get tired of reading about them, because of the light and entertaining way he tells the story.

If you’ve already been reading Shatzer, then you probably already picked this book up the second you saw it existed, and don’t need any further convincing. But if you are new to his books, then this is as good an introduction as any.


      1. Me too
        Being a fan of graphics / comic books. I followed one titled ‘Copperhead’ by Jay Faerber which centres around a single Mom as Sheriff of a small town on a backward planet. Plenty of aliens but they all fit in a Western set up.
        And then there was the all too short tv series ‘Firefly’

  1. I am so behind on my RSS feed, so prepare for a potential flurry of comments on your blog. LOL.

    I think it’s cool that you keep reviewing Shatzer’s work.

    1. Always happy to hear from you, Lydia! 🙂 Also, sorry for the delay in getting the comments posted. I don’t know why the site isn’t remembering you have commented before; it is supposed to.

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