Book Review: “The Fifth Student” by Geoffrey Cooper

Another excellent Brad and Karen thriller. In this one, a case of academic misconduct escalates to murder and corruption. As always, Cooper does a great job using the political machinations of academia as a starting point to weave a tale of deception and crime.

If you’ve read previous books in the series, you already are familiar with the dynamic between Brad and Karen, and together they once again form an effective crime-solving partnership. I don’t want spoil anything here, but I think the ending of this one is my favorite in the series. (So far.)

I’ve been reading some traditionally-published thrillers by big name authors lately, and I have to say, many of them have over-the-top, superhero-like characters, which makes them hard to relate to. I prefer a book like this, where the characters are people you would like to meet in real life. That’s the big draw of the Brad and Karen books for me; I just like these two, and they make for pleasant company while venturing into the darker side of the academy.


  1. My eyesight is getting to where I’m now listening to audiobooks. My TBR list on Kindle is getting very long, but I can set the font for better reading.

  2. I’ve recently discovered an Aussie police procedural/crime thriller writer and I love the ‘flavour’ of Australia that comes through in her writing. And she’s Indie. I honestly think the most innovative stories these days are coming from Indies, not traditionally published authors.

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