Book Review: “Sunshine Hunter” by Maddie Cochere

Sometimes you need a book you can just kick back and read without having to tax your imagination too much. After reading some heavy science fiction books, I needed a break. And this book was just the ticket.

The protagonist, Susan Hunter, is infuriated to learn the man she has been dating is married. Wanting to get away from it all and clear her head, she and her friend Darby take a vacation to Florida. At first, it’s a relaxing escape, but then Susan begins to suspect they are being stalked by a mysterious character with a striking resemblance to a young Marlon Brando. But who is he, and why is he after them?

This all probably sounds more intense than the book really is. While there are some dark elements, such as a murder, the overall vibe is really much lighter, as the cover suggests. The attractions of a Florida vacation are as much a part of the story as the crimes that come with any mystery story. This is a book you read to relax, not to get so caught up in the suspense and terror of it all that you start jumping at loud noises.

And let’s face it, sometimes we all could use a little opportunity to read a story that’s not too intense or too heavy on world-building or too saturated with omnipresent grimdark. I love post-apocalyptic stories, for example, but sometimes even I get apocalypse fatigue. At such times, I just want to read about a likable, somewhat quirky lady who gets caught up in a series of weird incidents, and needs to work with some of her friends to sort things out, often in the campiest way possible.

This book is a vacation in written form. And it’s free, so it’s a convenient way to take some time off, especially with today’s travel costs! Why not go ahead and treat yourself?


  1. I recently started following Maddie over on Twitter and downloaded one of her books. Once I finish Shelby Foote’s Volume II, I’ll move on to her book. I’ll need the break.

  2. I’ll be brutally honest. From some ‘reviews’ I have seen elsewhere on Amazon, Audible, etc a lot folk need to tune into the actual news if they find some of the intense stuff being put out as entertaining, a definite dose of reality is needed.
    That off my chest….
    This sounds like light relief without sugar coating.
    Even if I never get to the book I do enjoy the reviews,

  3. Thank you for your kind words. Susan Hunter’s pink fluffiness is quite the leap from heavy science fiction. 🙂 I appreciate that you took the time to read my book and for your review. Thank you.

    1. This is weird, Pat… for some reason your comment went to spam, so I just saw it now. Sorry about that.

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