No book review this week.

Sorry, I’m behind schedule. Finding time to read is getting harder lately. 

But, not all is lost for the week! I will give you a peek at what’s on my TBR list. And as a bonus, if any of these books strike your fancy, and you decide to review them, let me know, and I’ll link to your review.

The Dime, by Mark Paxson. I’m reading this right now. I’m about halfway through, and it’s terrific. If you’ve read Paxson’s other books, you have an idea of what to expect: deep characters, lots of emotional trauma and healing, and wonderful prose. I’ll be reviewing it soon.


Fire Ant, by Jonathan P. Brazee. I saw this on one of my friend Lydia’s Twitter threads of free books, and it looked cool. 


Burke and the Bedouin, by Tom Williams. This has been on my TBR list for months, but I had to read the first book in the series first. If this one is as good as the first, I won’t be able to put it down once I start. 



A Flight of Broken Wings, by Nupur Chowdhury. This book comes recommended by my friend ESXIII. It looks like a very original sci-fi/fantasy tale.


Arctic Snow to Dust of Normandy, by Patrick Dalzel-Job. This is a non-fiction book. It’s a memoir by British Naval Officer Patrick Dalzel-Job, recounting his service in the Second World War. Dalzel-Job is said to have been one of the inspirations for Ian Fleming in creating the character of James Bond, so I’m expecting an exciting read.

These are books I’m hoping to read in the near-ish future. I actually have a lot more on my list, but hey, if I had the time to list them all, I’d have time to write a review this week. 🙂 Anyway, I hope you see something interesting here. With any luck, next week I’ll be back to posting reviews.


  1. I don’t know how you do what you do. Such detailed reviews as frequently as you manage. But hey, that next one … it looks like a keeper. 😉

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