Book Review: “Forbidden Kisses” by Sha Renée

ForbiddenI don’t read a lot of romances. Even less do I read modern romances. On those rare occasions that I venture reading any romance, it’s usually in a historical or fantasy setting. But this book caught my eye because it’s a modern military romance.

I’d never heard of a military romance before. But, we have military sci-fi, so why not military romance?

Forbidden Kisses is told from the alternating perspectives of two people: Layla Matthews and Ethan Parker. The two meet and quickly fall in love–unfortunately, so quickly that neither realizes the other is in the Navy. Layla is a petty officer, Ethan a lieutenant. Military regulations forbid a romantic relationship, but the two can hardly stand to be away from each other.

The book is short and sweet. If there’s one thing I find tiresome in many romances, it’s when the two people who are obviously perfect for each other break up for contrived reasons. Happily, there’s none of that here–it’s just a story of two people in love, caught between the age-old struggle of passion vs. duty.

There is a part of me that would have liked to see the two of them try to control themselves while on a ship out at sea. (It’s high time–or is it tide?–that the nautical melodrama made a comeback.) But as it is, the two have plenty of romantic encounters while ashore.

It’s a fun book. It’s nice to read about two good-hearted, nice, decent people in a wholesome relationship. Especially in a time when escapism is very welcome, having two co-protagonists who are easy to root for is really pleasant to read.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if Layla and Ethan figure out a way to overcome the rules prohibiting their relationship? Well, read the book and find out!


    1. Thanks! I stumbled across it on Twitter a while back, and thought it sounded interesting.

  1. Nice, straight forward open review. Nothing wrong about a good romance story with two folk overcoming genuine barriers. Well done for taking a step in this direction. (Are us guys supposed to read romances)
    I notice common theme an author puts in is one party although attracted to the other has ‘trust or confidence issues’ because of some previous event in their lives, not always a bad romance either and the other one has to keep on chipping away. The books were quite charming, funny at times. Just an observation more than a complaint

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s an unusual genre for me, but every now and then, I like to try something totally different than what I normally read.

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