My prediction

I’ll keep this short; since I haven’t been following football as closely as in the past. In the preseason, I predicted the Rams would lose the Super Bowl, albeit to the Steelers. I’m tempted to just say well, that was my pick going in, and leave it at that.

But no; you deserve better. In the conference title round, I predicted the Rams would somehow win despite the Saints being the better team, and sure enough, that’s what happened–the refs (and bone-headed Saints’ play-calling) handed the game to the Rams.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have been left for dead multiple times this season, only to rise again like the Terminator coming after Linda Hamilton. Can the Rams beat them, and avenge the loss of 17 years ago that started it all?

Let’s go back to first principles: defense wins championships. While neither team has a great defense, the Patriots at least have a decent one, whereas the Rams, despite having all-star talent, have a pretty bad defense.

Ironically, the Rams’ main defensive strength–their linemen–would have been better equipped to beat the Patriots of past years, who were very pass-happy and almost entirely dependent on Brady. But this New England team relies more on the power running game than previous editions.

The Rams will still get pressure, but I suspect it won’t matter as much as it would have in the past. The Patriots will run the ball to slow down the rush. When the Rams are on offense, the Patriots will take away their running game and force Goff to beat them through the air. He may do OK, but I doubt he’ll be able to repeat the performance Foles put up last year against New England.

I would love an ugly, defensive slugfest that ended with a score like 9-6. Mostly just to spite the NFL executives and TV people who were hoping for a Rams/Chiefs rematch so they could have another ridiculous 54-51 game. There is beauty in well-played defense, I tell you!

Oh, well. That probably won’t happen. I applaud the Rams for wearing their beautiful throwback jerseys, which I’ve always thought were some of the best in football, and I wish them well. But, in the end, I’m sticking with my pre-season prediction that the Rams will come up short.

NE: 28

LA: 20

…and think, if not for their mystifying inability to beat bad teams, it might so easily have been the Steelers!



    1. Hey, I don’t like it any more than you do.

      Also, it wasn’t meant so much as a shot. The Steelers are my second favorite team (my Mom loves them) and I normally root for them after the Bills get eliminated, around week 5 or so. This year’s Steelers were so frustrating, because they obviously had incredible talent and yet somehow underachieved badly. Painful.

      So, yeah, I’m kinda bitter. 🙂

      1. The Steelers are in a state of decline. For the first time in 45 years, they have lost something that was a fundamental part of their success. It happened for a few years in the 90s and they got it back. I’m not sure they’re going to get it back this time.

  1. There are some teams that people either love or hate. Cowboys come to mind and now the Patriots.

    1. True. Although I don’t actually hate the Patriots… it’s more like I’m just sick of them. They had a good run, and have a secure legacy. Now can they please just stop already?

      As for the Cowboys… well, I know they’re your team, but they handed my Bills two humiliating SB defeats, so I’d be lying to say I’m a big fan. 🙂

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