What I Did This Weekend

Over the weekend, I’ve been playing with Garageband and iMovie; getting reacquainted with them after more than a decade. (I blogged about some of my “early works” here and here.) Here are a few things I put together as tests to learn the new features.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have already seen this first one, but it’s actually the one I’m proudest of:

This next one was probably the easiest of the three. The graphic is a rejected cover design for my first book–it was the only cyberpunk-y graphic I had handy.

And finally, this track is meant to have a Twilight Zone feel to it. In truth, I put it together just because I felt like I needed to have three projects. Just two would seem weak.

I’m particularly interested in what you think of the music. I have basically nothing in the way of musical knowledge or training, so I’m very eager to hear any feedback people have in that regard.


  1. Everything sounds great to me!

    Three projects–uh oh, I only have two going on. Can watching a Netflix series count as one of my projects?…

  2. Well, each of the music pieces suited the images. The cyber-punky sounds were a bit irritating, but would have been fine with a series of images to dampen the relentless feeling. On the whole, though, well done.

  3. Music is such a personal thing. I always think of music as I think about food. Taste and flavor. My son thinks brussel sprouts are almost a perfect food. I run to the garbage to spit them out. Same with music. We all have different music “taste buds.”
    I can’t understand the attraction of the Grateful Dead, for example. Yet some friends of mine think they are literally the best band ever. I’m very interested to know what it is about the pathways in our brain that determine these tastes and reactions.
    My favorite above is the middle one. Having read The Start of the Majestic World, I think the music you’ve chosen is perfect. And adding music to these clips is a really interesting idea.

    1. Good comparison. That is a really interesting question–what is it about our brains that makes us like or dislike different things?

      And really, someone actually likes brussel sprouts?!?

      1. hahaha Brussel sprouts are the worst. And yes, I’ve always been interested in neuro pathways (which is not the correct term) as they relate to our “tastes.” Not counting social influences.

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