Mysterious Man Writes A Book!

Yes, well, I suppose you knew it was bound to happen eventually.  I have finally written a book.  It’s a short collection of weird/cosmic horror tales of the kind I like to blog about.  I tried to put into practice some of the principles I’ve espoused on here regarding the writing of such stories.  You can buy it on Kindle here, if you’re interested. (I wrote it under a different name–this pseudonym doesn’t look good on a book cover.)

It was an interesting experience–even writing just a few short stories like these is hard work. If people buy it and enjoy it, I’ll definitely write more.  But I’ve gained an appreciation for how hard it is to write fiction.  It’s much easier to describe the ideal horror story than to actually try and write it.


  1. You are awesome! I still wish I had my kindle, but I will read it. Gosh, I love that name, if that is your real name, but you are mysterious. 😉

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