My Predictions:

NE: 20

BAL: 16

I picked them to win it all this year–I can’t go away from it now, even if the matchup is horrible.

IND: 42

DEN: 28

Manning is wearing out, and Luck is the next star QB.

GB: 39

DAL: 34

At home, Dallas would have a shot.  But not at Lambeau.

SEA: 52

CAR: 7

Carolina struggled against a team that was starting its third-string QB.  Seattle will trash them.  Not that starting your third string QB inevitably means defeat, as we’ll see…


==Special Bonus Pick!==

Ohio St: 45

Oregon: 27

This makes me nervous, because I’m pulling for Ohio State, and I’m not used to teams I’m rooting for winning stuff. But I’m seriously getting a “team of destiny” vibe from them. 

What's your stake in this, cowboy?