Go Team That’s Not The Miami Heat!

I don’t follow pro basketball much.  But I do occasionally like to read about or even take in a game of the closely-related sport “Karma punishes LeBron James”.

I don’t hate him. “Hate” is such strong word.  No, it’s more like how you feel about a villain in a children’s cartoon: you don’t want to see anything really terrible happen to him, but it is funny to watch his arrogance come back to bite him over and over again.

Besides, he’s being paid millions of dollars to entertain people. The least he can do to earn his pay is continue to not win championships.  While Miami may pay him to win, I bet he’s worth far more to the league if he always falls just short.  Many people will quit following if he ever wins.

I’ve seen people saying on sports blogs that the Heat can’t win because they’re not a team, they’re a collection of superstars.  superstars, to be exact, and that they can’t win with just those three guys. They’re too predictable.

Well, I don’t know much about basketball, but the general logic seems sound.  I even said roughly the same thing about another disappointing team in another sport earlier this year.

At any rate, for all I know, the Heat might win the game tonight and all their remaining games and be crowned champions.  But I hope not.  I’m not a fan of basketball, but there is something oddly enjoyable about seeing him pay for his overconfidence.

What's your stake in this, cowboy?