Conservatives attacking Obama for being too friendly to Wall Street.

This was the sight that greeted my eyes as I was trying to watch a video on YouTube today. It’s rare to hear Obama attacked for being too pro-Wall Street except in the most progressively liberal–or is that liberally progressive?–circles. But, as far as I am aware, the liberal progressives have no viable candidate in this election. Obama being the more liberally progressive, one assumed they would all line up behind him.

So, I went to the website of the outfit that paid for the ad: “American Future Fund“. Their website says they are “Advocating Conservative, Free-Market Ideals.” So, no Progressive Liberals are these, but Free-Market Conservatives!

They say they’re worried about Money corrupting the political system. Well, so am I. But what is their solution to this problem? How would the free market fix it? There is potential for corruption even in a free market. You need a regulatory body to guard against that sort of thing. But, as Juvenal asked, “who shall guard the guardians?” It’s a good question. Unfortunately, the only answer that a free-market ideology seems to provide is “Government is too big. Get rid of all the guardians.”

This ad is pretty obviously targeted at low-information voters. Whenever you hear people who are not with the “Occupy” movement or some such attacking Obama for being too friendly to Big Business, you have to wonder what’s going on.

(Here is a 2008 story about this group for some further reading.)

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