A rare post about food!

Sometimes I like to go looking for blogs at random. One pattern I’ve noticed, both on Blogger and WordPress, is how many blogs there are about food. It’s a terribly popular topic; which makes sense, I guess. Food blogging was never my thing, though. If I tried, it would be like this:

  1. Get two slices of bread.
  2. Put cheese between the slices.
  3. Add mustard (optional)
  4. If you aren’t a vegetarian like me, add dead animal of some sort.

Anything more complicated than that, and I’d have to refer you to a specialist.

I’m also not that into critiquing food either, although I’d probably be better at that. The problem is, I’d have to sample all kinds of new foods, and thereby incur the risk of eating something I didn’t like. And, oddly enough, while I can enjoy reading political pieces I disagree with to critique them, and while I can watch awful movies for the purpose of criticizing them later, I don’t think I could stand eating bad food just for the fun of talking about it later. “A bridge too far” for me as a critic, I think.

But I saw one foodstuff the other day that piqued my interest: Taco Bell’s Doritos taco. I was reminded of this by Nameless Cynic’s post about it. In his post, Nameless Cynic wrote:

[T]he only real component the Dorito shell adds to a taco is mental: if “Doritos are awesome!” is tattooed somewhere in your forebrain, then the idea of eating this taco has a certain mental thrill for you that I don’t experience.

Well, that could almost be me. I really liked Doritos. Alas, I’ve heard that many (not all) varieties of them are not vegetarian, so I don’t eat them anymore. But I can easily see myself as the guy who thinks “Doritos are awesome!”

But to me, this begs the question: even if you are a giant Doritos fan, why wouldn’t you just eat a bag of them since, according to NC’s review, you can’t taste the Doritos anyway? I mean, the only reason you could have such brand loyalty is if you like the taste, right? And Frito-Lay still gets your money, so no worries there.

All I know is I used to love the taste of Doritos, and if I were a still a Dorito-eating man, that’s what I would do. So, it sounds to me like there is no real reason for even a brand-loyalist to eat the taco.

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