My review of The Phantom Menace in 3D

I went to see The Phantom Menace in 3D yesterday. I didn’t have high hopes for it, as I was mostly unimpressed with the 3D effects in Avatar, and that film was originally filmed in 3D. Still, I thought I should at least take advantage of the chance to see it on the big screen again for the first time since 1999.

Overall, I thought the 3D effects were okay, but not revolutionary. They didn’t look bad, but they didn’t change the whole viewing experience for me. The best use of them I can remember was a scene at the very beginning of the movie showing the Trade Federation blockade. I really felt the sense of depth looking at the all the different ships in orbit.

After that, though… it was just The Phantom Menace. Since I enjoy the film, it was fun to watch, but no more so than it would have been in2D. If you’re one of the many people who hate it (you’re wrong, but you have a right to your opinion) I doubt this would change your mind.

(Incidentally, one thing that struck me on this viewing was how misplaced the complaints of the film being “dull” are. If anything, I felt it moved a little too fast.)

The 3D thing is just a marketing ploy. It’s an excuse to induce people to watch the same movie again. I have to wonder how long this fad will last. I mean, once they figure out that Star Wars nerds such as myself would watch the thing anyway in 2D, why should they bother making the effort?

Lastly, I have to ask: why do the 3D glasses they give you have a dark tint? That screws up the color of the movie, and frankly, when balanced against the minimal effects of the 3D, makes it arguably a less visually-appealing picture.


  1. I blogged about my Phantom Menace experience too. Agree that 3D is pretty much pointless – I can’t think of one film in the past year I saw which was improved by its being in 3D (‘cept Hugo, legit).

  2. We bought a new LCD tv and the picture is so crisp and clear it looks 3D. We just watched episodes 1-3 on the tv with blue ray, who needs 3D with glasses when the technology today is soooooo good.

    1. You’re really right. And that reminds me, I have to think that movie theaters are going obsolete, with home technology being what it is.

      When I saw the movie last night, there was a grand total of four people in the theater. That can’t be good business.

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