Matching sports with music.

First, watch the video here of Rob Gronkowski’s touchdowns synchronized to the 1812 overture. (I can’t get it to embed on here without it being either too small or covering other content.)

I think that’s an excellent example of editing, and a great use of the music. Moreover, it’s pretty exciting just to watch.

I’ve always liked that sort of thing. I remember I used to watch replays of Pittsburgh’s last drive to beat Arizona a few years ago and sync it up with the “Ride of the Valkyries”. It worked quite well.

I don’t really follow other sports, but I wonder what music works with them. Hockey, I guess would require some sort of very fast-paced, classical music. Basketball seems like rock-and-roll or something else modern* would be more appropriate. I say this because there is very little “tension” except at the end of a basketball game, because of the constant scoring to go along with the action; whereas with hockey there is very little scoring and lots of action, thus a lot more tension is involved, because just one score is very significant.

For baseball, I personally would want some sort of dirge, but I don’t like baseball so my opinion is not the most useful. And lastly, I have always thought that professional golf would be more exciting if Tubular Bells (the theme from The Exorcist) were played constantly in the background, punctuated by random intervals of Heavy Metal music.

*I don’t listen to a lot of modern music, so I don’t even know what’s called what anymore.

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