A brief post about football strategy.

Former quarterback Boomer Esiason, in the course of making his playoff predictions, said this:

“I’m already calling it that it’s going to be Pittsburgh and New England. And I think it’s going toe [sic] a very, very tough game, especially with the way that New England defense has been playing. I know they got the turnovers last week against Ryan Fitzpatrick, but this is Ben Roethlisberger. This isn’t a team that tends to throw the ball 45 times in a game. They’re going to run it, they’re going to keep it tight.”

It’s an interesting prediction, and on the surface, looks right enough. In fact, only one time all season did Roethlisberger throw 45 or more passes, and in that game he threw it 50 times, and completed 36.

The only problem here is that that particular game was against New England. And it was a Pittsburgh victory, which shocked many observers, given Pittsburgh’s historical difficulty with them. 

I’m just saying maybe they shouldn’t run the ball on them.

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