Blame me.

“Was it something I did in another life?/I try and try, but nothing comes out right/for me.”  

So begins Warren Zevon‘s darkly humorous 1987 hymn to bad luck “Bad Karma”. I often joke that this ought to be the fight song for my favorite sports team, and indeed it seems quite fitting for almost any team that I support even casually in any sport. They almost always seem to lose in heartbreaking fashion once I start pulling for them.

This is another way of saying I’m sorry that I took a passing interest in the fortunes of the U.S. women’s soccer team. It always ends badly for teams I support.

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  1. I felt all along that this was Kharma, just as we upset China in '99, underdog Japan would have the emotional boost to win this one for a country needing a boost.

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