It’s like a poor man’s The Happening!

Well, I’ve had this Scott Adams post I linked to earlier this week much on my mind, so today I decided I’d try to do something boring and see if it gave me any creative ideas for this blog or for anything.

So, I decided to trim some of the trees in my yard. This may sound interesting to some people, but yard work and gardening and basically anything like that holds very little appeal for me. I deemed it suitably boring.

Alas, I am sorry to report that I didn’t get any creative ideas from the experience. I did learn that you shouldn’t stand under a branch that you’re cutting off, however. (No worries–it was a thin branch.)

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  1. I was sawing off a branch while standing on a ladder once, the branch fell knocking the ladder out from under me and I took a ten foot nose dive to the ground. I've left trees to professionals ever since.

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