About Obama’s speech yesterday:

First of all, I should mention that I don’t think I understand the budget issues well enough to comment on the technical details, which are the most important. All I can comment on are the superficial aspects.

Overall, from this perspective, I thought it was a good speech. Obama is a very good speaker, so this is no surprise. But he just seemed to me to be forcing the “Centrism” thing to the point of near-absurdity. I’m not necessarily saying he’s not Liberal enough; what I mean is that he just seems to look for ways to talk like a “Centrist” for no particular reason.

What do you think?

UPDATE: By the way, if this post seems a little incoherent, I apologize. I plan to go more in-depth with this point soon, (though I have sort of discussed similar issues before on here) but I just don’t have time tonight.

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