In other words, I don’t have a lot to blog about today.

Today the screws fell out of my office chair’s armrest cushion, causing it to fall off. You would think I could just pop the screws back in with a screwdriver easily enough. But alas! The screws are not simply ordinary screws, but they are specialized screws to be used only with an Allen wrench.

“Not to worry”, I say to myself: “I possess a vast collection of Allen wrenches in my toolbox. I shall wend my way thither, and avail myself of them.” (I don’t really talk to myself like that.)

I arrive at the toolbox. I look in the Allen wrench compartment. There are Allen wrenches of all kinds and sorts and sizes. Allen wrenches of all the colors of the spectrum visible to the human eye. An awesome vista of naught but many and varied Allen wrenches seems to extend out before my eyes.

But not the kind I need.

Well, in time, it came to light that the Allen wrench I needed I had kept in my office desk for just this sort of situation. So, I got the thing out of the drawer and prepared to put the cushion back on. But here again, I was thwarted, because it turns out you can’t without disassembling the entire chair! Everything is positioned just so to make this the case, and I have to suspect it was done deliberately.

So if my blogging seems irritable in the coming days, it’s because I’m kneeling on a hard floor as opposed to sitting comfortably.

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