So, I might as well admit it: I didn’t blog yesterday because I was determined to finally finish reading the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, which I started way back in February. It’s a great book, and I had to see how it ended. I was quite surprised by how happily it all turned out, but this was probably because the style and time-period of the book had subconsciously reminded me of a Thomas Hardy novel, and things rarely end well in Thomas Hardy novels.

Anyway, it’s an excellent book, even if it does drag a bit in the “third act”, if you will. I plan to re-read it very soon to see what subtleties I pick up on, but I’ll read it at a more leisurely pace this time around.

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  1. Hurray! Glad you liked it. I rarely recommend books anymore. When people don't like them, I feel rotten and question my taste in literature.

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