I have nothing to contribute to the Oscar discussion.

I’ve only seen one of the movies that is nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture this year, and that is Toy Story 3.

Last year, I saw both Avatar and The Hurt Locker, neither of which I liked very much. Toy Story 3 is a better film than both, in my opinion.

I don’t really see new movies in the theater very much; I think I average about one per year over the past ten years. (It’s more if you count seeing the last two Star Wars prequels twice.) I usually wait a few years and watch them on DVD.

It’s odd, too, because I enjoy movies. And what I really like about them is analyzing them, not just watching them. So, logically, I probably should care which movies win what awards; but such ceremonies are too heavy on  pageantry and light on analysis for my own tastes.

So, I’ve never watched one of these ceremonies, and I probably won’t again this year.

I hope Natalie Portman wins, though.

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  1. There are so many great actors and actresses that were never honored, and movies that hold up over decades that shared the same fate while lesser works were honored that they've become irrelevant.Today the best work is on HBO and Showtime.

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