Greatest Presidents

A new Gallup poll puts Ronald Reagan as the nation’s greatest President. Then it’s Lincoln, Clinton, Kennedy, Washington and FDR.

Yes, in that order.

My opinion: Lincoln, Washington and FDR are the only ones out of that crowd who could conceivably have any claim to the title of “greatest President”. And where is Eisenhower? I mean, maybe he wasn’t the greatest President ever, but he ought to have been in the running.

Also, George H. W. Bush should have gotten more votes than George W. Bush, in my opinion. Finally, I think President Obama shouldn’t even be eligible for this poll yet, since he’s currently President and we have yet to see what he’ll do the rest of his term and if he’ll win re-election.


  1. Hmm. Interesting about Reagan. People idolized him. I'm not sure what he did to deserve such an honor. As much as I still am pissed about Clinton's sexual exploits, he was a terrific President.I have no list.How about the most hated Presidents? I can do that one, easily.

  2. In my opinion, Reagan deserves a high place, because he embodied the messianic mission of the United States successfully, as did FDR and Lincoln. He doesn't deserve as high a place as the other two, since he didn't do it through as difficult a time, but he did outspend the USSR on defence, thereby arguably helping to cause the collapse of the Soviet bloc.GWB, like Woodrow Wilson, was one who tried and failed to be a messianic leader. For that he deserves some credit. He tried to instil American values of democracy and freedom to other, subjugated peoples. Wilson is somewhat admired for his attempt, even if it failed and resulted in a Europe awash in dictatorships a couple decades later. Whereas George H. W. Bush didn't really do anything that will be long remembered. He didn't spread democracy or anything. He just saved some oil wells.

  3. The whole thing is misworded, it should be most popular. It'll be awhile before the dimwits today fully understand how devastating Reagan was to America. Kennedy wasn't in long enough to be really great. Washington, Lincoln, FDR have lasting legacies, if that's the criterion then Reagan falls into it in a negative way.

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