The Pro Bowl game.

I know a lot of people complain about it, calling it things like “irrelevant” and “boring”, but I happen to enjoy watching it. Sure, some say it’s a waste of time. Well, no more so than watching any other sporting event.

Anyway, I’ll probably watch a bit of it today, if for no other reason than as an act of defiance to the fans who are always complaining about its very existence.


  1. Baseball and Basketball Allstar games showcase the best players talents. Football is a different beast. You can't just throw a bunch of guys together for a week and make a team or a meaningful game. It doesn't help that most of the players are only thinking about not getting hurt. It does stroke the egos of the players and teams, which is the main purpose.

  2. You have a good point, and I admit my liking may be purely an irrational enjoyment. There's something funny to me about seeing great athletes just sort of playing around, not taking it seriously.However, since they rarely play much defense anyway, maybe they should just go ahead and change the game to be a flag football game. That would at least let offensive players show off their talent without fear of injury.But you're right, and most of them probably don't need any more ego-stroking as it is.

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