Slow days.

I once read a list of tips on how to get lots of traffic on your blog. I can’t find it to link to it, but one of the tips I remember was “blog on the weekends.” The reason for this, they said, was because fewer people actually are blogging on the weekends, and so anything posted then is more likely to get noticed.

At the time, I didn’t believe it. If anything, I assumed there would be more blogging on weekends. But I’ve discovered that (1) they were right, and (2) that there is seemingly some mystical force in the universe that makes it harder to blog on weekends. At least for me there is.

What I want to know is why. Is it just because people are burnt out from the workweek and their “day job”? Are there so many professional bloggers who take the weekends off that it makes the general “energy level” of the blogosphere go down?  Or because there is generally less attention paid to the news (esp. political news) on weekends?

Maybe it’s just that, at some level, people don’t want to blog during their free-time; but I don’t think this is the case. I really enjoy blogging and yet, for whatever reason, I’ve found it’s considerably harder to do on weekends than on weekdays. (Or rather, weeknights.)

Note that this is different than the “blogger’s block” I sometimes mention. It’s more like it’s just easier to get distracted from the task of blogging on weekends. Which is curious, since blogging is my hobby, and weekends are generally when one spends time on their hobby.

I wonder if any of my fellow bloggers have experienced this as well.


  1. I know the news cycle essentially ends Friday before noon, and picks up Monday morning. So if people spin energy off of news, barring the sort of event that would call people back to their desks at newsrooms, they are pretty much out of luck.

  2. I haven't paid attention to what I blog on week-ends, but it most likely is more personal posts rather than news posts.I'm just guessing people are doing family stuff on the week-ends and wait until they are at work to peruse and plot the blogs.

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