The Unbreakable Seal.

I have a nice new pair of headphones sitting beside me as I write this. I bought them because I would love to open them and use them to listen to some music.

The problem is that they have been hermetically sealed inside some sort of seemingly impenetrable material. The layman will tell you the material is plastic, but I am pretty sure it is some kind of translucent Chobham armor.

If, when the headphone case had first been forged in the fires of Hell, it had been molded into some normal shape, such as, oh, I don’t know, let’s say a square, they would still be accessible to someone equipped with the necessary, (though as yet uninvented) super-powerful cutting device.  

But it was not so shaped. Instead, it was shaped so as to fit snugly around the headphones, so that even if I had something powerful enough to cut through the damn stuff–for example, a lightsaber–no matter what angle I cut from, I will be cutting towards some vital part of the headphones, such as the cord or the cloth coverings over the earpieces.

I give up. There is simply no way of gaining access to the headphones without destroying them.  I shall leave them alone and allow them to be puzzled over by the physicists of some future civilization.

Okay, in all seriousness now, who decided that everything must now be so damn hard to open? I know, nobody wants some kid hurting himself by opening things he shouldn’t, but this is ridiculous. A person’s more likely to get hurt trying to open things then by actual thing.


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