Luddite 451.


“He [Barack Obama, I think] should be announcing that we should go back to the moon…We should never have left there. We should go to the moon and prepare a base to fire a rocket off to Mars and then go to Mars and colonize Mars. Then when we do that, we will live forever… I think our country is in need of a revolution…. There is too much government today. We’ve got to remember the government should be by the people, of the people and for the people.”–Ray Bradbury.

Look, this may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It required a massive government effort to get to the moon last time. What does he think will happen this time? But then he manages to top that idiocy by saying this:

“We have too many cellphones. We’ve got too many Internets. We have got to get rid of those machines. We have too many machines now.” 

Ooookay. So… we need to go to the moon and Mars… without machines?

As an aside, I should mention that Ray Bradbury is quite possibly the most overrated author in the history of the English language. I read his dreadful book “Fahrenheit 451” because people said it was a good dystopian story on the order of Brave New World or 1984. It was not. It was atrocious and moronic.

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