Blanche Lincoln vs. Bill Halter

According to this article, Halter “positively oozes charisma”. I’ve watched some videos of him on Youtube, and I have to say I’m not feeling any charisma from him, but perhaps I need to watch more. Sen. Lincoln didn’t look to be terribly charismatic, but she’s not anti-charismatic either. It should be interesting. It’s an anti-incumbent year, of course; and I think that, in general, women are less charismatic than men to most people.

Also, the article says “[Halter] is actually seen getting out of a pickup truck at one point in the campaign ad (is this the Scott Brown formula??)” I do wish people would understand it was not Scott Brown’s truck that won him the election. It was the charisma gap. Brown could ride a Segway around and he would’ve won.

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