Trying the new AI assistant feature.

The following is the prompt I gave the new AI assistant, after asking it for a book review:

The book title is “The Directorate” The author is Berthold Gambrel. The plot is about a soldier named Theresa Gannon who becomes involved in an interplanetary war in the year 2223. I think the story and characters are strong; the pacing and some of the setting details could be better.Readers who like sci-fi might like it.

And this is what it gave me back:

***AI content ***

Title: The Directorate
Author: Berthold Gambrel

Theresa Gannon, a soldier, finds herself embroiled in an interplanetary war in the year 2223. As she fights for the survival of her planet, she must confront difficult moral questions and grapple with the consequences of her actions.

In my opinion, “The Directorate” is a strong sci-fi story with compelling characters. The plot is engaging and keeps you invested in the outcome, though some of the settings could benefit from more details. However, the pacing could be improved in places, making it feel rushed at times. Overall, though, I enjoyed the book.

If you are a fan of science fiction, “The Directorate” is worth checking out.

***End AI content***

Huh. That’s… not that useful?

(Thanks to Audrey Driscoll for making me aware of this.)


  1. Hmm…has it simply regurgitated the prompt you gave it, or is it supposed to have actually ‘read’ the story? I’m not sure what the value of such a review would be, apart from speed.
    Sadly, I can now envisage a near future in which writers pay to have thousands of these ‘reviews’ posted on Amazon. Can’t really see Amazon checking to see if each one is actually a real person which means those of us who have trouble with visibility anyway will simply be buried. -sigh-

    1. Based on some other tests I’ve done, it can definitely search the web to find what other people said about a given book/film/etc. but that’s about it. :/

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