“Star Wars VII”

I was too busy to address this when the news broke; but let me just say that I think the Star Wars/Disney thing is terrific news.  I am an avid, if somewhat unorthodox, Star Wars fan.  I like the prequels more than the originals.  I think most of the “Special Edition” changes were good.  I think the end of KotOR II is perfect, and that the game as a whole is the best thing ever set in the Star Wars universe.

Many fans are worried about it; they’re scared it will “ruin” Star WarsStar Wars fans are, I have come to realize, about the most fragile bunch of pessimistic nervous Nellies I’ve ever seen.  Honestly, they’re worse than Democrats when it comes to having no confidence in their own side.

I’m not saying it’s a sure thing that the new movie will be good.  Maybe it will be worse than the “Holiday Special”.  But Star Wars isn’t going to continue at all unless somebody is willing to take some risks.  It all goes back to what I said here, during the most recent existential threat to Star Wars.

Sure, it won’t be exactly like A New Hope all over again, but so what?  As a melancholy Vrook remarks to Zez-Kai Ell in KotOR II when they return to the destroyed Jedi Enclave: “It is not as it was…”  And as Zez-Kai Ell thoughtfully responds: “But, perhaps, that is for the best.”

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