Doom 3 BFG Edition.

Well, it’s kind of neat that Doom 3 is going to be re-released. It was one of my favorite FPS games on the Xbox. The article says there will be “enhanced graphics” too, which I’m hoping means everything won’t look quite so ugly and blocky. There are even new levels. That’s cool.

But what is so great about the inclusion of Doom and Doom II? My “limited collector’s edition” of Doom 3 comes with those also. As does the add-on Resurrection of Evil. And to be honest, they’re not much fun. They give me a headache if I play them very long, actually. I understand they are classics of the genre and all, but I think it actually cheapens them as “nostalgia” items when every Doom game comes with them.

But if they must include classic Doom games, why can’t they put Doom 64 on these things? It was a much better, more frightening game than than the first two were, and I can’t imagine it was so much more complex as to prevent it being put on disk easily enough. Is there some kind of rights issue with Midway?

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