Exploit glitches, win valuable prizes?

You know, I remember a more innocent time when cheating at video games meant putting in a code to make your character immortal, or exploiting a bug in the AI that let you win every time. But now it seems that exploiting little glitches in a game has gotten more serious. Because there were a million real-world dollars at stake.

I don’t follow baseball or baseball video games, and I know so little about it that I can barely even follow what exactly people were allegedly doing that was shady here, but still, it’s a helluva thing. The good news is, it apparently didn’t affect the contest in the end. But my “favorite” part of the rather depressing article has less to do with baseball video games than with human nature and social media:

Young says Haff told him to stay quiet about the exploit. Young didn’t, though, telling another person over Xbox Live about it but demanding that he stay silent. That person didn’t, and then the conflict boiled over to Facebook and other social media.

I love it: “Here’s this big secret! I’m telling you, but for God’s sake don’t tell anyone else!” You go through a couple iterations of that, and soon everyone knows.

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