Under the influence.

The Time magazine “100 most influential people” list is out.

As always, it looks to me like they just took leaders of major countries, a few politicians and ministers from those countries, and then filled up the rest with names of celebrities.

How is Jeremy Lin “influential”? Sure, he’s famous and he’s a good basketball player. But very few people will make substantive changes to their lives based on the actions of Jeremy Lin. At most, he can make a minor impact on the economy through fluctuations in ticket and merchandise sales. But that money would probably be spent anyway, and Jeremy Lin is simply a substitute for some other sports-related thing. People will say he’s inspirational because of what he’s achieved, but if that’s the case, who inspired him to achieve it in the first place? Or maybe he didn’t need inspiration.

I have no problem with Jeremy Lin; he seems like a nice guy. I just don’t see his influence.

It’s hilarious; I was clicking through the list and I went from Kristen Wiig to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Wiig is an actress and comedienne. Kennedy is, in all probability, the man who is going to decide whether  30 million people shall have health insurance or not. I just don’t see how Wiig can possibly be within 100 people of him in terms of influence.

You can take it from me; I’m an expert on having no influence.

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